At Fishermen’s Inn there are no needed charter flights. Fishermen’s Inn operates and maintains it’s own floatplane to provide the best service in the safest possible manner. Charter flights limit visitors in what they can see and do. Our floatplane opens up possibilities, places, and schedules!

Enjoy unguided saltwater fishing for halibut, salmon, lingcod and a large variety of rockfish. Your  50 lbs. of fish will be processed for free. Everything is professionally packaged for your trip home. Fish processing is done on site, and you are welcome to help package your prize. Prices do not include airfare to and from Sitka, Alaska, fishing lisence or alcoholic beverages (these must be purchased prior to arriving at Port Alexander).

Please note that Fishermen’s Inn believes there is a reasonable limit to the amount of fish they need to bring home. It is good to have a limit, so the fishery can be sustainable for future generations to enjoy. Kevin suggests a maximum 50 pound take-home package. Fishermen’s Inn makes every effort to respect the environment.

Beautiful Southeast Alaska is a great place to build a dream! Check out our lodge and floatplane in the video! You can get a sense of the endless fishing and sight seeing available here!

View breathtaking Alaskan scenery from a birds eye view, and enjoy the opportunity to take the photographs of a lifetime! With Fishermen’s Inn, you can fish wild streams made exclusively available to you! Our Forest Service Special Use Permit allows unprecedented access to wilderness lakes and streams for our clients through our private vacation package.

Fishermen’s Inn is your portal to one of the last remaining truly wild frontiers. A private cabin, along with multiple bedrooms in the main lodge, feature top-notch amenities in the heart of an untouched Southeast Alaska. Fishermen’s Inn offers an amazing way to experience Alaska! Get off the beaten path and see what only a few people get to experience each year!

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Food is a key part of any Alaskan adventure. Fishermen’s Inn takes over and provides a delicious assortment of nourishment. All food is provided. The Mulligans are of course including snacks on the go as part of the “keep you happy with good food” agenda. Lunch and a wonderful home-cooked dinner are prepared for you along with plenty of fresh baked bread and goodies.

The Inn also provides a private hot tub and those wonderful, clean, heavy, soft, white robes. Fishermen’s Inn takes care of air transportation between Sitka and Fishermen’s Inn in Port Alexander. This amazing flight lasts about 45 minutes. It is an adventure in and of itself! Breathtaking beauty and opportunities to see mountain peaks, waterfalls, fish runs, and incredible glimpses of wildlife!

Sales tax, bed tax, and all fishing gear is included! Our specialty is custom tailoring your trip to your interests and activity level!

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The highlight of the package is  guided fly-in fishing with Kevin. Explore beautiful untouched wilderness. This is an unforgettable experience! Few people ever get the opportunity to see the places Kevin has access to. With him, you realize you are in-fact on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and the emphasis is kept squarely on fun.

Kevin has a Special Use Permit with the Forest Service and is the only guide that can fly into the South Baranof Wilderness Lakes.  He is also a licensed sport-fishing guide with the state of Alaska. Fishermen’s Inn is able to fly you into remote mountain lakes and streams, packed with rainbow and cutthroat trout. In Southeast Alaska, Fishermen’s Inn can fish for all 5 species of salmon! Fly fishing and saltwater fishing is at it’s very best here!

Experience the true wilds of Alaska. Enjoy fishing, flying in a private float plane and enjoy life in the lodge.

Fishermen’s Inn wants to keep things personal and fun with groups of eight or less. Our clients get that feeling that they are coming home to their own private retreat. 2024 will be our 25th year with the lodge. Kevin has over 40 years of real Alaskan experience. Fishermen’s Inn has over twenty years hosting experience. The passion of the hosts show through in every detail! There are so many options, you can even take the kayaks fishing.